Thursday, February 21, 2013

French Soap Labels

How great are these french soap labels? You can make your own handmade soap and wrap them in this stunning paper... or you can print the labels from We've been using them for years and their  products and customer service is simply the best! Have fun diy-ers.

Monday, February 4, 2013

New Year - New Soaps

A little peak into new soaps and lovely packaging

lovely soaps stacked together
Ranch Organics - resembles another soap company's packaging but this one is much better. Love the pops of orange and the square shape.

how great are these holiday gift soaps? The Snow Day soap is my absolute favorite

so classy! 

I am completely obsessed with anything Jasmine related, so I am so excited about Saipua's new Jasmine Tea Soap!  Although I've never met the owners, I've always loved this company 

Oh my lord - not sure if these are Apple Soaps or Strawberry Soaps... but does it really matter?! So adorable

French Soaps from Savon de Marsaille. There's nothing quite like a colorful simple bar of soap

Blackbird Soap Company Lip Balms. Fantastic green color and logo

french soaps

vintage french soap packaging / labels

Ambre Bath Oil

Handmade Goat Milk Soap made in Maine. What an incredible job they've done with the packaging!

Glycerine Soaps

Rose Cold Processed Soaps

When I went to Japan, I noticed that everything was packaged multiple times in multiple bags in multiple boxes.  I even bought a banana that was wrapped in a cellophane bag! However when it comes to soap, perhaps this over-packaging isn't so bad

Glycerine Bunny Soap

Radiance Oranic Blood Orange Soap

Kiwi Soaps!!

Leap Organic Soaps in Lavender

Rose Soap Packaging

Caldrea did such a great job at packaging their Mandarin Vetiver Hand Soap. I hope it comes in a Glass Bottle.
Handmade Soaps and Labels

Artisan Soaps. Love the kraft paper

How wonderful will these kraft lunch bags be filled with soaps

And the winner for best packaging is.... La Fille Detergent!!! Wow.. stunning

French soaps from Savonniere

Seventh Generation Lavender Hand Wash

Honey Suckel French Soap in a Vintage Tin can