Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Random Beauties

Just a couple of random beauties today... and yes I realize there's quite a few that are pink. Perhaps its because Valentine's Day is just around the corner or just the fact that my outfit is almost entirely pink today and its rubbing off. Either way, I adore these pink little hearts which seem to have just the right amount of rose petals suspended on top.

Rose Bubble Bars perhaps. And if the purple rocks are soaps, two thumbs up for these guys

You just can't go wrong with a stamped birdie on top of a kraft paper sleeve.

If you can't read the text, it says Firenze on it and that is just enough excuse for me to put it on here. One my favorite places in the whole world.

Soap bars from a store or perhaps a stand. Bulk soaps are always fun.
Tin containers are one of my favorites. There's just a certain sophistication about them and yet not pretentious at all.
Strawberry Yogurt Soap. Almost good enough to eat.

And a little felt soaps just for a change.

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