Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Petri Dish Soaps

There is an ingenious company on Etsy by the name of Cleaner Science and they are the masterminds of these insanely adorable Petri Dish Soaps. Have you honestly seen something cuter! And very practical as well, I might add. I've never seen anything like 'em and I certainly hope that they come up with more soaps very soon.

Blue Petri Dish Soap

White Petri Dish Soap

Clear Petri Dish Soap
Red Petri Dish Soap
Orange Petri Dish Soap
Need I say that this one's my favorite! Pink Petri Dish Soap
Yellow Petri Dish Soap

Purple Petri Dish Soap

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soap dish said...

these looks fabulous..i really do wanna try to make a home made soaps..i wanna love to try it soon i would buy the materials that i needed