Wednesday, July 27, 2011


I am not impressed by other soap companies too often. To be honest its hard to find smaller soap companies nowadays (unless of course you're browsing through Etsy, but even those are pretty much the same cold processed soaps you can find anywhere).

I just stumbled onto this lil company (well they might not be so lil, but at least I've never heard of them before). They're called Maak Soap Lab and they're out of Portland, OR. Well I've never been to Portland but if this is an indication of what else is in that city, I'm about to be on the next flight out.

I truly have soap envy... I don't think they could have created a more perfect bar of soap. Its delightfully simple packaging and textured label is enough to keep me completely fascinated. I hope you enjoy the photos.

Maak Soap Lab mailer on the way

I can seriously stare at this image for hours

How meticulously placed

Maak soaps in one of their Retailers

Maak Soap Lab soaps

Soap Shavings - have you ever seen anything more beautiful

Even their shipments look ridiculously cute! And is that the date of shipment on top - ugh it couldn't be more perfect.