Thursday, June 16, 2011

Hotel Toiletries

We have officially decided to enter the incredibly competitive hotel toiletry world. And we have amazing ideas on how to turn the somewhat boring phase that's taken over most hotels. I want us to create amazing pieces of art that will be the showpiece of any bathroom! Nothing gets to me more than checking into a beautifully decorated hotel and finding out that the bath and body products are so bad that I need to run out and buy my own. Not to even mention that the packaging of most toiletries is so unimpressive and it almost shows that noone put some thought into it.
I have included some of the most popular hotel toiletries from around the world. Some are good, some are awful - you'll have to decide for yourself. What are your favorite hotel toiletries?

Penhaligon Hotel Toiletries
Fabulous packaging and by looking at it, I can just imagine how nice the products are.

Molton Brown Hotel Toiletries
I love Molton Brown - I love the fragrances and I even love the little belly button on their bottles. I hope they never change them.

Kiehls Hotel Toiletries
Will anyone really spend the time to read what's on those labels... makes you wonder.

Hermes Hotel Toiletries
I think they were trying to appeal to men more than women with the rectangle shape of the bottles. I like it

Fresh Hotel Toiletries
Fresh somehow always finds a way to stay simple and decadent at the same time. I'm a fan.

Floris Hotel Toiletries
I love the dark packaging, why is everyone else doing white or clear bottles??

Etro Hotel Toiletries

CO Bigelow Hotel Toiletries
Dark amber bottle with a vintage sign. Totally speaks of the brand and the fact that they've been around forever.

Bulgari Hotel Toiletries
I realize they're trying to appeal to the high end bracket, but couldn't they come up with something that looks a little less generic? I am not trying to be rude, but if a brand is known for their luxurious items, I think they should spend some time on pushing the envelope.

Bliss Hotel Toiletries
Bought by W Hotels, Bliss does a great job at spa-looking products

Aveda Hotel Toiletries

Acqua di Parma Hotel Toiletries
Love the vibrant colors, the shapes, and the overall simplicity. This is quite possibly the most expensive line of the bunch and I think their packaging delivers.