Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Mathilde M. Soaps in Nice, France

A couple of months ago I had the privilege of visiting Nice, France for a very short time (but that didn't stop me from finding the coolest little soap store in the city). The store couldn't have been more than 150 sq ft and it was packed with bars of soap from top to bottom. From what I remember they all smelled very similar but a fragrance that would appeal to anyone. Hope you enjoy some of the photos and if you click on them, you'll see them in a larger format.

Round soaps with a Soap Dish tied with a silk ribbon

Matilde M. Soaps (french soaps)

Heart Soap

The top boxes were filled with miniature angel soaps

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Incredible Soap Carvings

This is the neatest thing I've seen done with soap in a really long time. Sharpen your knives kids, because we're going soap carving! Images provided by Mrs. Miller's Art Class:

Turtle Soap

Bear Soap

Fish Soap and Butterfly Soap

Turtle Soap in Progress

Fish Soap eating Turtle Soap

Bird Soap

Car Soap