Thursday, April 8, 2010

What in the world...

We try to be as inventive as we can at Uptown Soap C0 but these soap creations have nothing on us. Some of the strangest soaps can be found right here, so make sure and read along.

When I was in High School I become a little obsessed with video games and Super Mario was always my go-to game. If I ever get hooked on playing them again, I'm definitely buying this remote control soap. It would make a really funny gift to give to someone that's obsessed with playing, don't you think?

My oh my.... popcorn soap! Looks delicious and I bet it smells delicious too.

Is this not the prettiest mouse you have ever seen. Cuuuute

I definitely would not be able to tell the difference on which one is real if I had these next to some real popsicles. Adorable and packaging them with the foil is a great idea.

So inventive! Everything is soap: the cookie, the milk and if you really wanted to you could technically even make the clear cup out of clear glycerin soap. Awesome!

And what post would be complete on strange soaps if we didn't have the Matzo Ball soaps! Personally, I've never tasted them but if the real thing looked as good as this one, I'll be the first in line!

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