Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Soap Factories

Our little baby is growing and we have been looking into finding larger manufacturers that can help us produce our soaps faster. There are quite a few soap factories so I wanted to feature a couple of them just in case you soapers out there find yourself in the same situation one day!

Cosme Soap - French Made Soaps

Vermont Soapworks

The process of making soap is fascinating, so even if you're just curious about how those little bars make it to the grocery store, check 'em out!

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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Soap Story Stores

I found this interesting soap store the other day and had to feature it. It's called The Soap Story and can be found in The Netherlands, Turkey, Spain and various other countries (except US).

Although I really like the concept of their stores, I'm not too crazy about their products. Is it just me or are they looking a little generic?

Displays are nice. They could use a little more color though. I'm totally kidding!

They have quite a few franchises and this one is a free-standing store instead of a mall store, which most of them are I believe.

Kinda looks like a Candy Store, doesn't it?

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Thursday, February 11, 2010

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Hey Everyone,
We have created a Facebook Page and we would L+O+V+E it if you can join us!

The Facebook Page will be the only place where we discuss new product ideas and we'll even do Giveaways there (and lets be honest, who doesn't need a little soap in their lives to make 'em happy :)

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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Goat Soap

Very cool video on a small business owner that started a handmade goat milk soap company. Congrats to Leanne Faulkner!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Buddha Soaps

Hey Yall! If you've been following my blog, you have probably noticed that I am a little obsessed with Buddhas. In fact I'm pretty sure I have already written a previous post on buddha soaps but I found some really cool new ones and I couldn't help myself. All of the following are, as always, made out of soap

This is hands down my FAVORITE soap ever! And yes, I am aware of the fact that I say that all the time but this time I really mean it! If someone gave me this as a present, I could almost cry. And I am not one of those girls that cries easily either - only when a super duper cute item is presented in front of me :)

Another Buddha soap in a box but this one seems to have eaten a little too much.

I think this might be the exact same buddha as the first one. I wish I knew what the name of the company is that makes them - if any of you know, please let me know! If this soap is so adorable, I can only imagine what their other soaps look like.

So I found this cute little guy on Soap Queen's Blog. It looks like they made him out of clear glycerin soap and added some seeds (maybe apricot?) to its whole body. Cuteness overload! And that's a good thing.

Cute. Funny. Makes you smile. What more could you want from a soap.

And on a final note, I had to post this because: it. is. amazing :) I will gladly stay in any hotel that has this much sense of humor!

Friday, February 5, 2010

New Products!

We just returned from the NYIGF and I wanted to share some photos of all of our new products with you. All the positive feedback put a smile on our face and we hope to always exceed your expectations with any future products!

Japanese Yuzu Body Cream. It's gentle enough to use on your face or whole body. Japanese Yuzu is a brand new fragrance that we launched at the show and it received wonderful reviews so if you like grapefruit scented products - this one's for you!

Verbena Verde Body Cream - very citrusy and very lemony

Santorini Rose Body Cream. I have never been a fan of floral scents but this one is TO DIE FOR! I made sure that I asked everyone that came to our booth to smell it and there was not even 1 person that said they didn't like it (even the people that don't normally like roses).

Anju Pear Body Cream. Our Anju Pear fragrance is our #1 Seller and it's because its an exact copy of the actual fruit.

Black Honey Body Cream. Black Honey is another new fragrance we launched this year. It's very fragrant and resembles honeysuckles.

Lychee Currant Body Cream. Mostly Black Currant with a hint of Lychee.

And last but not least, our Liquid Soaps made their debut. Each bottle is 40% recycled glass that is hand blown individually. We are also the first soap company ever to put the labels on the inside of the bottles, so it will not get damaged over time! My favorite fragrance in the liquid soaps is our Sugar Lily :)
Till next time!