Thursday, December 31, 2009

Felted Soaps

Now I know what you're thinking but don't jump to conclusions. These fuzzy little squares and circles are indeed soaps! That's right - felted soaps. For those of you that are as obsessed with Anthropologie as I am, you may have seen similar felted soaps in their stores so that's why I decided to do the research and find similarly adorable ones.

I have to be honest, I am really not a big fan of them. I understand that they are both a washcloth and a soap in one but c'mon, is that really necessary?

Anywhoo, there are people that like them and can't live without them - so for all of you out there in that category, I present to you: The Felted Soaps.

These guys are definitely my favorite. Simple with a little pop of color. They might make a great gift for Valentine's day.

Cute. I have no idea how they made them because it looks like a lot of work so I'm quite impressed with these.

And which household does not need a felted soap ornament I ask?!?

Once the felt is rubbed into the soap, they have to be set out to dry for a couple of hours.

It looks like a great arts and crafts project

And finally if you don't have the patience to make a felted soap, you can always just wrap some felt around it as the packaging.

If you're interested how to make these types of soaps, head over to youtube and SuZanna will teach you how!