Friday, September 11, 2009

Where is my SOAP!

I am constantly asked where people can buy our soaps. Well as of now we are in 48 stores across 14 states. For a full list, you can visit our website but I did want to start doing spotlights on some of them because they are just simply too cute not to show them off!

Town Home located in Philadelphia, PA

Such an adorable modern store. I love places that don't seem cluttered and everything seems like it has a place.

Red Tree located in Baltimore, MD

As a past Marylander I was thrilled that they decided to carry our soaps. The window display looks fantastic and the red building is just too cute for words!

Sustainable located in New York, NY

Such an amazing, all-green, eco-friendly store. It's a must stop for all those that are looking to buy products that are not only really good for you, but also good for our planet.

ENJOY located in Chicago, IL

Unfortunately, I have never had the privilege of visiting Chicago yet however you can bet that this will be my first stop when I land on Illinois soil. They have this amazing video of their entire store on their website and it looks like the coolest place on earth. In fact, I would like to just bring a really big bean bag chair and just live there for the rest of my life.

Firefly located in Thomasville, GA

I couldn't find too many photos of Firefly but judging just by their website, this store is special in its own way. They carry very unique products that I have not seen anywhere else.

Essentials located in Northampton, MA and Amherst, MA

Again, another store that I have not been able to visit personally but their website is awesome, filled with unique and charming products. This store looks like the kind of place that you run to on the day of a birthday party. It looks like they have a little bit of everything for everyone.

Exit 9 located in New York, NY and Brooklyn, NY

Exit 9 was one of our very first clients that decided to carry our soaps and we have been delighted to work with them. The Brooklyn location is extremely organized and they are always bringing in new products for their customers.

That's all for now, I'll be bringing you more store updates very soon!

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