Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Feeling Hungry? Sushi Edition

I hope you guys have eaten recently because I can almost guarantee that you will be starving after today's post! I am a HUGE fan of all things Asian. That includes bubble tea, kokeshi dolls, and of course sushi!! So it was only a matter of time of when I'll do a blog post on sushi soaps. Check em out below - and remember every inch of these amazing creations is soap!

Okay seriously - BEST PRESENT EVER! Too cute, I hope it comes with the chopsticks :)

I found these through Etsy, so real - I can almost smell the ginger

Well this is definitely not going in my bathroom but straight in my tummy! (Disclaimer: We at Uptown Soap Co do not recommend eating our soaps or any other soaps no matter how amazingly deliciously they smell, look or feel!). But seriously people, this looks way too yummy!

If you're attempting to make this soap at home, I would recommend buying a plastic mold because they will make your soap shiny just like the picture above. Silicone molds tend to give soaps a flat/non-glossy effect.

How neat! This one is already packed in a lunch box.

These guys are really easy to make - maybe I'll do a tutorial on how to make sushi soaps some day.

This one wins best packaging. Awesome

How real does the ginger and wasabi look?


Sushi soaps have become quite popular. I have even seen them sold in the Natural History Museum gift shop and the buyers have been telling me they sell really well.

I hope you guys enjoyed them just as much as I did. And now if you excuse me, I have to make a quick run to Chinatown :)

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MaidMarianLibrarian said...

Wow! Sushi soaps, how cool!