Sunday, September 27, 2009

If you're a fan of those Lush Jellies but don't want to spend a fortune buying them every time, try making your own! And the best part is you can make them any color and fragrance you wish.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Etsy Soap Finds

So I haven't been to Etsy in a really really long time - don't ask why (believe me, I'm asking myself the same question!) There are so many creative soaps that have popped up that I had to feature them. Buckle your seat belts, we are going for a ride!

Is this not the best cupcake you have EVER seen in your entire life. I'm thinking it's choco + mint and although I'm not a fan of eating chocolate, I would buy this soapcake any day!

Okay kinda creepy (just a lil bit) especially if you find this guy staring at you in the bathroom but nevertheless still very unique.

I am loving this adorable little hedgehog soap. Cutest thing ever!

Halloween's just around the corner and if you're trying to find some decoration for your bathroom I suggest getting this guy. It truly is soap. My guess is that it's a decal put on top of the clear glycerin soap and once you start using the soap, the image will fade away.

I think this soap is genius, simple but still genius. You have a layer of white shea butter soap and a layer of blue glycerin soap. If you don't have molds that have this specific design, my suggestion is to take bubble wrap and put it on the bottom of a silicone dish. It will get a really neat texture that's very similar to this.

Bones and Skulls soaps - how can you go wrong? You can't!

I am not a fan of these by any means but I know that they are extremely popular with the masses. I do however realize how difficult they are to make so they get a spot in my blog.

O-M-I-C-G! That's right I said it and I'm not ashamed of it either! Oh my ice cream god. If I seriously had these in my bathroom and was forced to look at them every day, I'm pretty sure I would be another 25 lbs overweight. Cute idea but very evil.

I think this is one of the coolest shapes for soap that I have seen in a long time. Will it fit in the soap dish? Probably not, but I can just imagine how many ways you can wrap these up that will make them even more stunning. Love love love and that yellowish caramely color looks exactly like honey to me. Yummy

I don't think it gets anymore adorable than this folks.

The colors are perfection. I don't even like getting massages but I'm sure I'll try them if I had this massage-bar.

Oooh how I love the ocean - the smell, the color, the sounds.... And this to me, is like an ocean in a bar. Stunning! If you're making this soap at home, you can use poppy seeds, apricot seeds or even blueberry seeds for the top. Just make sure you don't use anything crazy like black pepper (that's right, I know exactly what you were thinking!). Black pepper is fine to use in some soaps but you definitely do not want to put as much as this photograph.

I love this packaging. It looks like something Anthropologie might carry.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Where is my SOAP!

I am constantly asked where people can buy our soaps. Well as of now we are in 48 stores across 14 states. For a full list, you can visit our website but I did want to start doing spotlights on some of them because they are just simply too cute not to show them off!

Town Home located in Philadelphia, PA

Such an adorable modern store. I love places that don't seem cluttered and everything seems like it has a place.

Red Tree located in Baltimore, MD

As a past Marylander I was thrilled that they decided to carry our soaps. The window display looks fantastic and the red building is just too cute for words!

Sustainable located in New York, NY

Such an amazing, all-green, eco-friendly store. It's a must stop for all those that are looking to buy products that are not only really good for you, but also good for our planet.

ENJOY located in Chicago, IL

Unfortunately, I have never had the privilege of visiting Chicago yet however you can bet that this will be my first stop when I land on Illinois soil. They have this amazing video of their entire store on their website and it looks like the coolest place on earth. In fact, I would like to just bring a really big bean bag chair and just live there for the rest of my life.

Firefly located in Thomasville, GA

I couldn't find too many photos of Firefly but judging just by their website, this store is special in its own way. They carry very unique products that I have not seen anywhere else.

Essentials located in Northampton, MA and Amherst, MA

Again, another store that I have not been able to visit personally but their website is awesome, filled with unique and charming products. This store looks like the kind of place that you run to on the day of a birthday party. It looks like they have a little bit of everything for everyone.

Exit 9 located in New York, NY and Brooklyn, NY

Exit 9 was one of our very first clients that decided to carry our soaps and we have been delighted to work with them. The Brooklyn location is extremely organized and they are always bringing in new products for their customers.

That's all for now, I'll be bringing you more store updates very soon!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Feeling Hungry? Sushi Edition

I hope you guys have eaten recently because I can almost guarantee that you will be starving after today's post! I am a HUGE fan of all things Asian. That includes bubble tea, kokeshi dolls, and of course sushi!! So it was only a matter of time of when I'll do a blog post on sushi soaps. Check em out below - and remember every inch of these amazing creations is soap!

Okay seriously - BEST PRESENT EVER! Too cute, I hope it comes with the chopsticks :)

I found these through Etsy, so real - I can almost smell the ginger

Well this is definitely not going in my bathroom but straight in my tummy! (Disclaimer: We at Uptown Soap Co do not recommend eating our soaps or any other soaps no matter how amazingly deliciously they smell, look or feel!). But seriously people, this looks way too yummy!

If you're attempting to make this soap at home, I would recommend buying a plastic mold because they will make your soap shiny just like the picture above. Silicone molds tend to give soaps a flat/non-glossy effect.

How neat! This one is already packed in a lunch box.

These guys are really easy to make - maybe I'll do a tutorial on how to make sushi soaps some day.

This one wins best packaging. Awesome

How real does the ginger and wasabi look?


Sushi soaps have become quite popular. I have even seen them sold in the Natural History Museum gift shop and the buyers have been telling me they sell really well.

I hope you guys enjoyed them just as much as I did. And now if you excuse me, I have to make a quick run to Chinatown :)