Sunday, August 23, 2009

Molded Soaps

Today's post is on soaps that were molded. The most popular company that does "shaped" soaps is Gianna de Rose and although noone comes even close to their work in my opinion, I still wanted to show you a couple of other adorable soaps.

These are specifically designed for babies. They look quite adorable and are sold in the high end stores. Each box includes an elephant soap, a teddy bear soap and a bunny soap.

Well this guy is just too cute. He's made with a glycerin base so he had to be wrapped in cellophane but his cuteness comes out nonetheless!

So this monkey soap does not exactly match my other ones but I thought the packaging was so clever that I just had to include him. I've never seen these anywhere in the stores, if you guys have - let me know where I can get one!

Classic Gianna de Rose. This is the Scottie. The colors black and red are especially hard to make in soaps but I think they did a pretty awesome job!

Well my little Kuppy undoubtedly votes this one the #1 soap! Partially because he looks just like the black creature in this photo but I don't think he would mind being stuck in a box with the pink one either :)

I just have to laugh every time I see this piggy. It looks so mischevious and who doesn't like a chubby pig!

I know, I know another pig. But I had to include him - he was begging me!

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