Thursday, July 16, 2009

Vegie Soaps - you feeling hungry?

I am blessed to have vegetables growing in my backyard and just as I was looking at the cute little cucumbers and cherry tomatoes getting bigger and bigger, it dawned on me that they would make an awesome soap fragrance. So after doing a little research I found the coolest vegie soaps on the market today! I know a vegetable scented soap may be a little weird to some of you but just think how wonderful they would be in your kitchen. And I also wanted to add that if you didn't know what some of them were supposed to be "vegetables" you probably would love the scent of them, ie: think crisp Lettuce. I don't know, it sounds pretty good to me!

Okay so we're starting with my favorite vegetable - Zucchini soap. I didn't even realize that zucchini has a specific smell so I'm curious to get my hands on one of these bottles and see if it can hold up to it's name.

Tomato Soap - I wonder if it's red on the inside, that will be really cool. Most tomato soaps I have seen actually smell like the tomato leaf rather than the actual fruit, so maybe this one is like the others. Either way, it sounds really enticing :)

Olive Soap - This is a really popular fragrance in stores, everyone seems to be making Olive Soaps and Olive Oil Scented Soaps. I would like someone to make a Calamata Olive smelling soap (I'm pretty sure it'll be the next biggest thing but don't tell anyone!)

Mint Soap - Pretty straighforward. I love the way they put poppy seeds on top of it. Likes it!

Lettuce Soap - I am totally considering getting to my local pharmacy and trying to find this one. It just sounds too good to be true. Have any of you seen it/tried it?

Eggplant Soap - Well it wasnt easy, but we finally found it!! How adorable is this packaging and if it smells anything like it tasted when it's battered and fried - Sign me up!

Cucumber Soap - Yummy! I'm pretty sure I would like this one more than the Cucumber Melon Fragrance. The simpler the better, is what I always say.

Basil Soap - This is seriously making me hungry. Maybe that's exactly why we don't see too many vegetable scented soaps on the market - people may try to eat them.

Till next time and remember if it smells good, don't eat it immediately!

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