Sunday, July 19, 2009

Miniature Soaps

There's nothing cuter than teeny tiny soaps! We mostly make miniature soaps that are shaped like leafs, which are part of our Soap Jar collection but I would absolutely love to include more shapes. What shapes would you like to see?

How neat are these turtle soaps? C-U-T-E! They are from a company in Brazil and they make all sorts of shapes, such as berries, seahorses, butterflies and many more.

I found these through Etsy, aren't they adorable! I'm not sure how practical they are, but they sure look awesome.

I saw these Caswell Massey mini soaps in Gracious Home the other day. They smelled absolutely horrifying (well I only smelled their rose but after one whiff, that was it for me). However the packaging is spot on.

Well I had to end it on a sweet note. I do not think it's a good idea to put a glass of milk next to these babies if you do purchase them - looks way too tempting.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Vegie Soaps - you feeling hungry?

I am blessed to have vegetables growing in my backyard and just as I was looking at the cute little cucumbers and cherry tomatoes getting bigger and bigger, it dawned on me that they would make an awesome soap fragrance. So after doing a little research I found the coolest vegie soaps on the market today! I know a vegetable scented soap may be a little weird to some of you but just think how wonderful they would be in your kitchen. And I also wanted to add that if you didn't know what some of them were supposed to be "vegetables" you probably would love the scent of them, ie: think crisp Lettuce. I don't know, it sounds pretty good to me!

Okay so we're starting with my favorite vegetable - Zucchini soap. I didn't even realize that zucchini has a specific smell so I'm curious to get my hands on one of these bottles and see if it can hold up to it's name.

Tomato Soap - I wonder if it's red on the inside, that will be really cool. Most tomato soaps I have seen actually smell like the tomato leaf rather than the actual fruit, so maybe this one is like the others. Either way, it sounds really enticing :)

Olive Soap - This is a really popular fragrance in stores, everyone seems to be making Olive Soaps and Olive Oil Scented Soaps. I would like someone to make a Calamata Olive smelling soap (I'm pretty sure it'll be the next biggest thing but don't tell anyone!)

Mint Soap - Pretty straighforward. I love the way they put poppy seeds on top of it. Likes it!

Lettuce Soap - I am totally considering getting to my local pharmacy and trying to find this one. It just sounds too good to be true. Have any of you seen it/tried it?

Eggplant Soap - Well it wasnt easy, but we finally found it!! How adorable is this packaging and if it smells anything like it tasted when it's battered and fried - Sign me up!

Cucumber Soap - Yummy! I'm pretty sure I would like this one more than the Cucumber Melon Fragrance. The simpler the better, is what I always say.

Basil Soap - This is seriously making me hungry. Maybe that's exactly why we don't see too many vegetable scented soaps on the market - people may try to eat them.

Till next time and remember if it smells good, don't eat it immediately!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


So I am a huge fan of Ricky's. H-U-G-E! They are by far the coolest, funkyest, awesomest chain in NYC. As you can see by all the photos I've taken below, I visit them often (maybe a little too often :) but then again who's counting. The reason I wanted to do a spotlight on them is because they do carry a great array of soaps. Of course they don't carry ALL the best soaps (ahem...Uptown comes to mind for some reason) but they do have a somewhat better selection than most.

Some of the ones they carry are:
- Ahava
- Burt's Bees
- Pacifica
- European Soaps
- Plantlife
- Peangea

I love this Ricky's - there's a restaurant next to it and it's called...... Uptown :)

Ricky's NYC

Ricky's NYC

Ricky's NYC Madison/70s

Ricky's NYC

Ricky's NYC Midtownish

Ricky's NYC

Ricky's NYC Times Square

Ricky's NYC

Ricky's NYC Times Square

Ricky's NYC/ 14th Street (my favorite)

Ricky's NYC

Ricky's NYC Downton next to NYU

Ricky's NYC Houston Street/Broadway

Ricky's NYC Soho

New Product Sneak Peak!

I really can't give out any details but we've been working on these guys very hard and I just wanted to show you a sneak peek of the packaging. I hope you guys like it, more info will come soon! Oh and you will NEVER believe what we're using to wrap them, here's a hint: it's not paper :)