Saturday, June 13, 2009

Where do soaps come from?

I've wanted to do this topic for quite a while, because I have noticed that more and more companies are importing soaps from other countries (or faraway places) rather than supporting local vendors. I took the most popular 15 soap companies and decided to really find out where they come from. Are your stores buying local soaps?

Uptown Soap Co. - Obviously I had to include our fabulous soaps. We make them right here in Upper Manhattan and as the name of our company implies - Uptown Baby!

Zum Bars - Kansas City, MO

Plantlife - California

Pangea Organics - Boulder, CO

Pacifica Parfume - California

MOR Cosmetics - Australia

Mistral - Their soaps can be found in abundance in Anthropologie. They come from Solana Beach, CA but they are originally made in France.

Savon de Marseille - Marseille, France

LAFCO owns a bunch of soap companies by different names (such as Claus Porto soaps) They are all made in Portugal

Korres - these can be readily found in Whole Foods stores and they are made in Greece.

K Hall Designs - St Louis, MO

Grandpa's Soaps - Kentucky

Gianna Rose Atelier - Santa Ana, California

Fraiche - Texas

Pre de Provence or European Soaps - France

Burt's Bees - North Carolina

As much as I love many of these brands, I think it's important for stores to really think about where their products come from and try to put as many local vendors as possible. Till next time!

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