Friday, June 26, 2009

Bubble Bath Time!

We have received quite a few requests to do bubble baths with our soap fragrances, so I'm excited to start working on those soon. Here are some interesting bubble baths that I found online.

One of my all time favorite fragrances is violets, so I chose this product not only based on their neat bottle but also the Violette fragrance.

TokyoMilk Bubble Baths have not hit stores yet but I hear we should be able to see them in Anthro really soon.

TokyoMilk Bubbling Bath - This is my favorite one. So cute!

The name for this one escapes me but the bottle is so gorgeous that I really wouldn't need too much information about it before I took our my check book! Lovely.

Beautea Bubble Bath - This one is all organic and I really appreciate a company that thinks about their packaging as well as the product on the inside :)

These guys are from In the Raw. I've seen them on Nimli a lot and I think they look fantastic. In my opinion, the simpler the better!

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