Friday, June 26, 2009

Bubble Bath Time!

We have received quite a few requests to do bubble baths with our soap fragrances, so I'm excited to start working on those soon. Here are some interesting bubble baths that I found online.

One of my all time favorite fragrances is violets, so I chose this product not only based on their neat bottle but also the Violette fragrance.

TokyoMilk Bubble Baths have not hit stores yet but I hear we should be able to see them in Anthro really soon.

TokyoMilk Bubbling Bath - This is my favorite one. So cute!

The name for this one escapes me but the bottle is so gorgeous that I really wouldn't need too much information about it before I took our my check book! Lovely.

Beautea Bubble Bath - This one is all organic and I really appreciate a company that thinks about their packaging as well as the product on the inside :)

These guys are from In the Raw. I've seen them on Nimli a lot and I think they look fantastic. In my opinion, the simpler the better!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Anthropologie Soaps Revealed

Ahhh Anthropologie how I adore you! In fact I love this store sooo much that I visit it every single week (no joke - mostly either Sat or Sun). I know it may be a little crazy and maybe even a tiny bit pathetic but I can't help it! It's one of a very very few places that can make me happy no matter what mood I'm in. I LOVE how they burn different candles every time I go, I LOVE how they rotate their products every week, I LOVE how they decorate their walls and window displays with the most ordinary items arranged in the most incredible way and I LOVE the fact that they have a big comfy chair that I can sit in and read the prettiest cookbooks I have ever seen.

I have this dream that maybe one day they'll let me spend a whole week in their store (yes even the nights!) and that would just make me insanely happy but until then a girl can dream right?

For today's post I decided to do a little overview of Anthropologie's soaps (even though they're not as nice as ours :-)

Fiat Luxe Anthropologie Soap
So these guys are fairly new. At first I saw them on their website and I thought it was the craziest idea ever but I gotta say they have grown on me. And they look huge at the stores compared to the online photos. The lemony fragrance was my favorite.

Rose Anthropologie Soap
I haven't seen these in person yet, they were just posted on the website. Hopefully they'll be there this weekend. My favorite thing about them is actually the font on the box. I know it sounds silly but I really like it. I wonder if they smell good, anyone else seen them??

Sabonte Anthropologie Soap
Okay I have to admit that I am a fan of the packaging. When we were starting Uptown Soap I really wanted tin can containers but then we started thinking about how environment friendly they would be and nixed the idea. Although these guys look cute, I did play with all of them at the store (meaning the different fragrances) and I almost choked after smelling each one. Honestly, I am not saying this because I want to "squish the competition" because you guys know that my blog is mostly about other soap companies but I truly feel this way. The other reason I wasn't crazy about them is because they're ginormous!! I don't know anyone and I do mean ANYONE that has a soapdish that would fit a 12.34 oz bar of soap. Do you have an enormous soap dish? Comment below, we'd really like to find just one!

TokyoMilk Anthropologie Soap
Okay so TokyoMilk's been at my local Anthropologie stores for a while now and I'm really loving the glitter on the packaging. I can't remember if I liked what the soaps smell like but they sure look pretty. I am an everything asian fanatic, from the food to buddha statues, so they pretty much had me at their name. And if you didn't know this company is actually a sister company of Lollia.

Botanique Anthropologie Soap
I haven't done too much research on this company but they're also brand new to the site. Gotta love the black and white backgrounds, I wonder where they got that idea from :)

Chinoiserie Anthropologie Soap

Fleur de Lys Anthropologie Soap

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Savon De Marseille Story

I love nothing more than finding out how other soap companies make their soaps. There's something really special about making any kind of a product by hand and with care. If you're a fan of the Savon de Marseille soaps, check out the clip below. I guarantee you that you have never seen some of the soaps they make in the stores. On another note, I wanted to aplaud this company for making all natural soaps. Just like us, they are made with only vegetable oils that are ideal for people with sensitive skin. Enjoy!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Where do soaps come from?

I've wanted to do this topic for quite a while, because I have noticed that more and more companies are importing soaps from other countries (or faraway places) rather than supporting local vendors. I took the most popular 15 soap companies and decided to really find out where they come from. Are your stores buying local soaps?

Uptown Soap Co. - Obviously I had to include our fabulous soaps. We make them right here in Upper Manhattan and as the name of our company implies - Uptown Baby!

Zum Bars - Kansas City, MO

Plantlife - California

Pangea Organics - Boulder, CO

Pacifica Parfume - California

MOR Cosmetics - Australia

Mistral - Their soaps can be found in abundance in Anthropologie. They come from Solana Beach, CA but they are originally made in France.

Savon de Marseille - Marseille, France

LAFCO owns a bunch of soap companies by different names (such as Claus Porto soaps) They are all made in Portugal

Korres - these can be readily found in Whole Foods stores and they are made in Greece.

K Hall Designs - St Louis, MO

Grandpa's Soaps - Kentucky

Gianna Rose Atelier - Santa Ana, California

Fraiche - Texas

Pre de Provence or European Soaps - France

Burt's Bees - North Carolina

As much as I love many of these brands, I think it's important for stores to really think about where their products come from and try to put as many local vendors as possible. Till next time!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Nifty Soaps

We have been busier than bees lately which has left little time for my blog. I managed to do a little soap research of really nifty soaps lately and here's what I found:

Mini robot soaps - and you can't beat the bath tub to boot!

I like these guys sooo much more than the Soap Rocks. They look like jewels and the colors are stunning.

Doesn't this look like lollipops to you? I hope they have have 'do not eat' warnings on the back ;)