Friday, May 8, 2009

Uptown Fragrances

Boy, are you guys getting lucky today - 2 posts in the same day!! :) Just kidding, I know that I have been slacking so I'm trying to get back on track. I wanted to write this post for a long time, where I explain which fragrances we carry. It has taken us months to test sooo many differenty types of fragrances and I really feel like we've finally nailed it. I hope you enjoy them as well!!

1. Anjou Pear - The only way that I can describe this fragrance is Fresh! It's so aromatic and juicy. I personally do not like eating pears, I never EVER buy them and even cringe when I see them at the grocery store but believe me this is one of my favorite fragrances (maybe even in the top 2 spots). It's truly amazing and we'll keep it forever and ever since so many of you enjoy it.

2. Sweet Violets - Aaahhh the sweet sweet smell of violets. I have been talking about bringing in this fragrance for many months and we finally found the most incredible violets ever. I know you will absolutely love it and the coolest part is if you leave one of our Violet soaps in your bathroom, the whole room fills up with the fragrance.

3. Mandarin Orange - Every time I open a jar of our Manarin Soap Jars, I feel like I've been transported into a San Diego mandarin plantation. So sweet - don't you even think about taking a bite!

4. Lemon Verbena - Most people don't know that it's the leaves that release the lemony fragrance. Sooo citrusy, tart and refreshing.

5. Red Currant - When I was little I was fortunate enough to have a black currant tree in my backyard. I have so many fun memmories of lounging on the hammock and dropping the little berries in my mouth. I ate so many that you can bet that we've chosen the most realistic currant fragrance there is out there. Every time I smell it, the memories start coming back and I feel like I'm 10 again.

6. Coconut - I love coconut: toasted, fresh, chopped up, love it all! Our coconut is very light and takes the true essence of freshness.

7. Vanilla - Simple, sweet, and fabulous!

8. Wild Roses - I have to be honest, floral fragrances are not my thing. Now that said, every time I smell our rose soaps, I feel liked someone transported me into the Rose Garden of the Brooklyn Botanical Garden.

9. Citrus Fig - Our citrus fig is a mixture of blood oranges, hint of grapefruit and sweet figs. It's divine.

10. Chocolate - A mix between milk and dark chocolate. It will make even the chocolate haters into addicts.

11. Lily of the Valley - Ahhh, the perfect girly pleasure. Light, floral and yet sophisticated.

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