Thursday, May 14, 2009

Sabater Hnos Soaps

There's nothing I love more than finding out what kind of soaps there can be found around the world. I found this awesome company that creates incredible soaps that don't even look like soaps (which is what we always try to do). Enjoy the photos and if you're in Argentina, send me some of these!!!

Sooo cute! Mini soaps that you can just scoop out and put in a jar. Kinda like our soap jar with the leaves. I'm loving the clovers.

They have so many types of soaps - on the left you can see their 3D hello kitty soaps in white and pink. On the right, it's their regular bars as well as their soap leaves in yellow and pink.

I've seen this picture in so many places and I had no idea that it was the actual store of Sabater. I can almost close my eyes and imagine what it smells like there.

I LOVE the stamp on their soaps. I love how the entire surface is covered with letters, adorable.

Regular soaps bars

Their minis are my favorites - look at these guys and girl soaps!

Aaaahhh, when we open up a store in NYC - I promise you we will do lots of mini soaps.

Other than the minis, they also do confetti type soaps which you can see on the bottom of this picture. I'm not sure how you'll be able to wash your hands with them, maybe you just sprinkle them in the bath tub. FUN!

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