Thursday, April 2, 2009

A New Lineup of our 2 Sided Scent Soaps

Earlier I mentioned that we're replacing or "adjusting" some of our 2 Sided Scents and here they are - all wrapped up and ready to go!

Pear will be one of the hottest scents for spring and we did a nice little combination with sugary creamy vanilla.

Hands down my favorite new fragrance! (and believe me, it was EXTREMELY difficult) I am crazy about Violets and I am soooo happy that we were able to bring in such an amazing realistic violet. I can use this soap every single day for years and not get tired of it!

Ahhh, my next favorite. I just adore red currant and this soap is layered with our mandarin orange. If you like citrusy but not too sweet fragrances - this one is for you!

Our roses smell like you're walking into a rose garden (truly!) and when you pair that up with our amazing essential oil mandarin orange, it feels like you're in a totally magical world. It may sound surprising but take a risk because I have a feeling you will totally fall in love with it. And try finding this combination with another soap company - I don't think you'll have an easy time doing that ;)

Well this one should just be a classic. We took our TOP TWO most requested fragrances and said to ourselves - why not?? The result is fantastic! Definitely not a sweet or floral scent but very fresh and perfect for spring!

Coconut Verbena is our spin on coconut lime. I really think ours is better! We should take a survey with some of our clients and I'm pretty sure they will say the same thing.

Coconut Mandarin - just like a tropical vacation. Our coconut has a very light tone and it's just perfect with the mandarin. You'll just have to try it instead of taking my word on it.

For those of you out there risky enough to try chocolate soap, we are leaving our chocolate orange completely untouched! It was just too good to mess with and that's coming from someone who doesn't even like eating chocolate.

I really think we have the most amazing smelling chocolate mint soap there is out there and believe me I've tried quite a few of them. We chose from many chocolate fragrances and this one just wasn't in the same class as the other ones. It's not milk chocolate, it's not dark chocolate and yet it's somewhere in between. Almost like a cocoa flavor together with a crisp and refreshing peppermint. I would totally use it in the summer when I want a refreshing yet subtle fragrance.

Well there you have it - our 9 brand new or modified fragrances that are sure to please ANYONE!

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