Monday, April 27, 2009

Jar Soaps Available Online

I have been MIA for so long, I apologize but we are super busy preparing samples for our new fabulous rep companies. We're also working on new and very exciting products that I'm sure you guys will like! In the meantime, our Jar Soaps are now available on the website. People always ask me which one is my favorite so they can get than one and I honestly don't have one. I'm very happy that I can have all of them at the same time because if I had to choose just one from the stores I would probably need hours to decide. The sweet violets is sensational, the pear is divine, the mandarins are soooo yummy! I am sure that whichever one you decide on, you'll love it ;)

Lemon Verbena Jar Soaps from Uptown Soap Co.

Wild Roses Jar Soaps from Uptown Soap Co.

Anjou Pear Jar Soaps from Uptown Soap Co.

Mandarin Orange Jar Soaps from Uptown Soap Co.

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