Tuesday, April 7, 2009

International Soaps - Thailand

I search high and low to find unique soap companies and I found a super duper soap company last night that's from Thailand. I love their packaging, but most of all they had some of the most unique fragrances I've seen in a long time. I wish I can buy a couple soaps from them but I'm pretty sure it'll be cheaper to go to space than to pay for the shipping charges.

Tamarind Soap - I am not a fan of eating Tamarind but I don't mind the smell, so I'm pretty sure I would like this soap.

I wonder if this is a popular fragrance in Thailand because this seems awfully Amerizanized to me :)

How cool is black rice? I have no idea what rice smells like but I want it.... ooohhhh how I want it

Seaweed?? This can't possible smell nice, but then again there's people for everything. BTW why is it that California doesn't have seaweed? I looked everywhere for it on the beaches and all I found was these little pepper-like things that were just lying on the beach. Fascinating.

Another rice fragrance, but this one is Jasmine - hmm mm. Very cool. I usually use Jasmine rice to make Risotto but it doesn't sound like a bad idea in a soap somehow.

Wow, tapioca pears! I can almost see them! I thought tapioca didn't have any scent so maybe this one is extremely mild.

Well there you have it folks - soaps from around the world, in Thailand. I'll try and make more posts on international soaps - I just love finding out what each culture considers an awesome soap.

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