Sunday, March 29, 2009

Weird and Unique Soaps

When we started Uptown Soap late last year one of our main goals was to create soaps that were completely different than any other soaps that are out there. We tried doing this with our packaging, actual soaps and everything else we can think of. Here are some soaps that are just plain weirdly awesome that we didn't think of first (darn!):

pretty popular - goldfish in a bag. It was first created by clearly fun soaps - we saw them on the Donny Deutsch show and they were great!

I see these everywhere - from museum shops to my favorite Design within Reach store. Definitely different, but I have to say they look so real that they look a little creepy when they're all staring at you from the soap dish.

Well I found this through HGTV's website yesterday and it took me about 3 minutes to close my mouth. These snowglobes are sooo easy to make and so effective as well. I always looked at snow globes and wanted to turn them into soap but I would have never used this method - it's genius!

More snow globe soaps

Bath crystals - is it just me or do they look like crushed up pop rocks?

Okay now this is a little too weird - soap putty! I won't even guess how they made it. I bet anyone using these to take a shower will need at least 2 hours, because they won't be able to stop playing with it.

How cool is this - Body wash paints! Simply Genius!! and I love the crayon-like packaging.

Well these guys are not that weird but I just wanted to show you that bath bombs can indeed come in different shapes other than balls. These are so much better and gosh how I wish that they would float instead of sink to the bottom!

Well there you have it my fellow soapmakers and soaplovers - the weirdest soaps that I could find online.

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