Thursday, March 19, 2009

Teddy Bear Soaps

I stumbled onto a teddy bear soap while I was in San Diego and I thought to myself - "What a great idea!". Who doesn't like teddy bears? I certainly do and I'm pretty sure I will always love them. So my post today is devoted to all the poor teddy bears our there that are stuck in soaps. I feel for them (really I do!), but I also wouldn't want them to be anywhere else.

This guy totally looks like his name should be Teddy, right? He looks like he has been made from glycerine soap and then his nose and yes were added on separately.

I don't see this soap too much nowadays, it has been discontinued, but I can't understand why. I mean that's the soap I would pay for if I saw it in a store, not the regular dog or pig soaps that this company usually does.

I found this bear soap everywhere when I was doing my research for my blog. He is given out to hotel guest in Yellowstone Park (i think). What a fabulous hotel it must be, if they have such a great sense of humor. I know I'm booking a room there if I'm heading in that direction. I think most hotels do not understand how important the little things are. They build these amazing structures with pools, spas, gyms and then they give you a horrible soap in your room and your whole experience is ruined. I mean, am I the only one that asks for a little ingenuity when it comes to guest soaps!

Another soap on a room - again, not getting it. Looks adorable but still not getting the rope part.

This is the same guest soap from the previous hotel. Simply amazing!

I think this bear had a little too much to eat that day, so he had to lie on his back. What' ya got in there - fish soaps?

I think these were done for a baby shower. Not the most detailed teddy bear soap we've seen but it's still very cute.

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