Tuesday, March 10, 2009

PRESENTING: The Jar Soaps Collection!

What better way to welcome the upcoming spring that with our newest soap collection - The Jar Soaps! We have been working really hard on getting these guys out, so here is a first look.
Each jar contains 24 miniature leaf soaps. They come in 6 fragrances - Red Currant, Anjou Pear, Lemon Verbena, Citrus Fig, Mandarin Orange, Wild Roses. Don't let these mini soaps fool you - you can use each one for at least 10 times (we used them to wash our hands). They will make the most perfect centerpiece for your bathroom.

The jar soaps will be up for sale on our website very soon, but in the meantime we are taking wholesale orders.

Wild Roses mini soaps - perfectly dressed in Pink

Mandarin Orange mini soaps - perfectly dressed in orange of course!

Lemon Verbena mini soaps - perfectly dressed in acquamarine

Mandarin Orange mini soaps

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