Friday, March 13, 2009

More Soap Packaging

I have not been keeping up with my blog lately, so I decided to do a really long one today. I'm so sorry - we have been busy beyond belief and it's been a little hard keeping up with everything. But I promise, I'll try to do my duty as a blogger this week and take it a little more seriously!
Today's post is on soap packaging - my favorite topic (if you haven't noticed it yet :)

I am crazy about this packaging. It looks like Portuguese tiles, which is probably where they took this idea because this company is from Portugal. I wonder if Portugal smells like a million fragrances when you get off the plane, because I have found sooooo many soap companies that are from there. I'll have to find out one day!

Blue and Brown - a classic! That's one of my absolute favorite combinations. Don't be surprised if we do a brown and blue line soon :)

Looks like someone took a really expensive wallpaper and wrapped it around the soaps. Nice!

Love this company - the packaging looks a little like our Vintage soaps.

Simplicity makes the best packaging for a product and you can't get any more simple than this!

I had to put in an elephant! What a great soap dish - a must have for every bathroom.

This company is fascinating. They change the look of their logo based on the packaging. LOVE IT! Maybe they took the idea from Google ;)

I'm not exactly sure what Royal Jelly is but you can't beat the container.

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Rui Barros said...

Royal Jelly is a special honey brew also called Propolis, with which bees feed their larvae.
It's supposed to be and enriched sort of honey , common in alternative medicine as an immunity enhancer.

Portuguese soaps were quite exceptional,classical simple fragrant concoctions. Some of the brands you depicted were traditional old houses that were almost going bankrupt (like Ach. Brito from Oporto). Then a new generation decided to change their packaging... and voilá! reborn like the phenix, in an international market they never had before!