Saturday, March 28, 2009

Albino Peacock Alert

Some people ask us where do we get all the photos for our vintage soaps. Well, we take them ourselves! And all of our photos are taken in New York City in some form or shape. For example, today I went to Columbia University and if you've been there as many times as I have you probably know that they have 2 peacocks running around their gardens all the time. One peacock is the normal blue and green color and the other is an albino. I've never seen the albino peacock until today, so I immediately took a couple of shots and you will most likely see a new peacock packaging on our website very soon! That's the fun part of our job (amongst many things), we never know what packaging we'll come up with next because it all depends on what happens on the streets of New York City! :)

Run peacock, run!

I'm not sure why peacocks open up their feathers like this, but I think this one was trying to get rid of me.

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