Sunday, March 29, 2009

Weird and Unique Soaps

When we started Uptown Soap late last year one of our main goals was to create soaps that were completely different than any other soaps that are out there. We tried doing this with our packaging, actual soaps and everything else we can think of. Here are some soaps that are just plain weirdly awesome that we didn't think of first (darn!):

pretty popular - goldfish in a bag. It was first created by clearly fun soaps - we saw them on the Donny Deutsch show and they were great!

I see these everywhere - from museum shops to my favorite Design within Reach store. Definitely different, but I have to say they look so real that they look a little creepy when they're all staring at you from the soap dish.

Well I found this through HGTV's website yesterday and it took me about 3 minutes to close my mouth. These snowglobes are sooo easy to make and so effective as well. I always looked at snow globes and wanted to turn them into soap but I would have never used this method - it's genius!

More snow globe soaps

Bath crystals - is it just me or do they look like crushed up pop rocks?

Okay now this is a little too weird - soap putty! I won't even guess how they made it. I bet anyone using these to take a shower will need at least 2 hours, because they won't be able to stop playing with it.

How cool is this - Body wash paints! Simply Genius!! and I love the crayon-like packaging.

Well these guys are not that weird but I just wanted to show you that bath bombs can indeed come in different shapes other than balls. These are so much better and gosh how I wish that they would float instead of sink to the bottom!

Well there you have it my fellow soapmakers and soaplovers - the weirdest soaps that I could find online.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Albino Peacock Alert

Some people ask us where do we get all the photos for our vintage soaps. Well, we take them ourselves! And all of our photos are taken in New York City in some form or shape. For example, today I went to Columbia University and if you've been there as many times as I have you probably know that they have 2 peacocks running around their gardens all the time. One peacock is the normal blue and green color and the other is an albino. I've never seen the albino peacock until today, so I immediately took a couple of shots and you will most likely see a new peacock packaging on our website very soon! That's the fun part of our job (amongst many things), we never know what packaging we'll come up with next because it all depends on what happens on the streets of New York City! :)

Run peacock, run!

I'm not sure why peacocks open up their feathers like this, but I think this one was trying to get rid of me.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

World Famous! Soap on a Rope

Well well well...I cannot believe we've come to this topic so soon! If you've been following my blog you might have realized my un-fascination with soaps on a rope. (and if you haven't been following my blog - you have some serious explaining to do!)
Soooo, I decided if I am not crazy about these soaps, I might as well do some more research on them and find out why in the world anyone would create them! I must say, some of the soaps I found are (oh alright, I'll say it - A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E) NOT Uptown Soap adorable but still a little adorable! Here are some of the 'a little adorable" ones below:

Hmm, colors - not bad
packaging - not bad
rope - need I say it - BUT at least the color matches the soaps

Okay, so I like Owls. I actually like them a lot. The owl is so cute in this case that I don't even concentrate that much on that white thing hanging behind it.

Well who doesn't love pigs and especially pink pigs! AND in comparisson with other rope soaps this one looks like part of the pig's tail. Thank god somebody put a little more thought into it!

Awwww shucks - I think they got me, I am such a sucker for Buddhas. On top of that this one is smiling at me.

??? No explanation needed

Hmm hawaiian version

Well they got me! I would probably buy this as a xmas present for someone. But I will most likely cut off the rope :(

Well there you have it ladies and gentleman - my love for soap on a rope still has a long way to go, but at least I'm trying ...

Kokeshi dolls imitating soap

One of my passions in life is asian inspired things. I saw these incredible kokeshi dolls from etsy the other day and I know that they are not made from soap, but I will try really REALLY hard to do something close to these in the future. I think this would make the most adorable soap if we do it correctly - can you just imagine these sitting on your bathroom sink!
I think TAO restaurant might just go crazy for them :)

Thursday, March 19, 2009


We have noticed in the past couple of months that most people are going for almost the same fragrances. So in order to serve our customers better, we decided to change some of our Double Sided Soaps to reflect our most popular scents. These guys will be available on the website very very soon, but in the meantime you can check out the new packaging for them. Aren't the little birds adorable?? We think they're sooo cute - we just want to eat 'em up!

Teddy Bear Soaps

I stumbled onto a teddy bear soap while I was in San Diego and I thought to myself - "What a great idea!". Who doesn't like teddy bears? I certainly do and I'm pretty sure I will always love them. So my post today is devoted to all the poor teddy bears our there that are stuck in soaps. I feel for them (really I do!), but I also wouldn't want them to be anywhere else.

This guy totally looks like his name should be Teddy, right? He looks like he has been made from glycerine soap and then his nose and yes were added on separately.

I don't see this soap too much nowadays, it has been discontinued, but I can't understand why. I mean that's the soap I would pay for if I saw it in a store, not the regular dog or pig soaps that this company usually does.

I found this bear soap everywhere when I was doing my research for my blog. He is given out to hotel guest in Yellowstone Park (i think). What a fabulous hotel it must be, if they have such a great sense of humor. I know I'm booking a room there if I'm heading in that direction. I think most hotels do not understand how important the little things are. They build these amazing structures with pools, spas, gyms and then they give you a horrible soap in your room and your whole experience is ruined. I mean, am I the only one that asks for a little ingenuity when it comes to guest soaps!

Another soap on a room - again, not getting it. Looks adorable but still not getting the rope part.

This is the same guest soap from the previous hotel. Simply amazing!

I think this bear had a little too much to eat that day, so he had to lie on his back. What' ya got in there - fish soaps?

I think these were done for a baby shower. Not the most detailed teddy bear soap we've seen but it's still very cute.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Uptown Soap Co. Lotions Coming Soon!!

People have been begging us to do lotions in our fragrances and i think we have finally caved in. We have a fantastic concept for a lotions line and that should be coming out in the spring. While we come out with ours, check out these great lotions that we looked at for inspiration.

Friday, March 13, 2009

More Soap Packaging

I have not been keeping up with my blog lately, so I decided to do a really long one today. I'm so sorry - we have been busy beyond belief and it's been a little hard keeping up with everything. But I promise, I'll try to do my duty as a blogger this week and take it a little more seriously!
Today's post is on soap packaging - my favorite topic (if you haven't noticed it yet :)

I am crazy about this packaging. It looks like Portuguese tiles, which is probably where they took this idea because this company is from Portugal. I wonder if Portugal smells like a million fragrances when you get off the plane, because I have found sooooo many soap companies that are from there. I'll have to find out one day!

Blue and Brown - a classic! That's one of my absolute favorite combinations. Don't be surprised if we do a brown and blue line soon :)

Looks like someone took a really expensive wallpaper and wrapped it around the soaps. Nice!

Love this company - the packaging looks a little like our Vintage soaps.

Simplicity makes the best packaging for a product and you can't get any more simple than this!

I had to put in an elephant! What a great soap dish - a must have for every bathroom.

This company is fascinating. They change the look of their logo based on the packaging. LOVE IT! Maybe they took the idea from Google ;)

I'm not exactly sure what Royal Jelly is but you can't beat the container.