Monday, February 2, 2009

Happy Birthday Soaps

My birthday is tomorrow (Feb 3rd) and I decided to do my post today since who knows what I'll be doing then. My theme for tomorrow's blog is WHAT ELSE?? Cake soaps :) Enjoy and try not to eat too much!

I have to be honest - I do not like chocolate - at all. I think my mom gave us too much when I was a kid. However, I do like the smell of some chocolates so I don't really mind putting up this photo. I'll just imagine it's the good chocolate smell...

Looks like carrot cake soap! Which is what I'll be having on my Bday.

Hmmm, bundt cakes

Chocolate raspberry soap cake

Looks like jello a little, doesn't it?

Last but definitely not least - this one is a true work of art.

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