Sunday, February 1, 2009

Fair Market Soap Stands

I love it when summer comes and all these little fairs come to the streets of New York. You can find all kinds of amazing products, but I especially look forward to smelling all of the soaps! Here are some photos of soap markets around the world.

These are my all time faves! They don't even look like soaps, which is something we try to accomplish at Uptown Soap as well.

I love these, if their colors look so vibrant, I can just imagine how they smell. These are french from Marseilles.

That's a lot of soap! I'll take one of each please...

I'm not sure which country these are from but their packaging is fantastic - they sort of look like a mix between pop art and comic books.

I love the irregular shapes and of course the colors!

I'm not too crazy about the packaging but I couldn't believe how many fragrances they carry.

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