Sunday, January 25, 2009

To stamp or not to stamp!

Recently, we have started to stamp our soaps with our logo on them so that our soaps look different than others. Hundreds of years ago this is how everyone made soap - by hand stamping each soap with a metal stamp. Now of course, there are special molds that you can order with your name already on them, but for now I think we'll just do it by ourselves. I really want people that purchase our soaps to know how much work goes into it. There's nothing like truly handmade products, right? Maybe I'll do a blog another day which lists all of our steps into making one of our works of art.

Types of soap stamps:
Rubber - Not the best stamp for a soap unless you use a hammer to secure the design.
Resin (Acrylic) - The best one to use in my opinion. It's not only easy to clean but it also makes the design look very clean (no pun intended :)
Steel - quit expensive but once you get one of these babies it'll pretty much last you forever

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