Monday, January 26, 2009

Hotel Guest Soaps

I recently came back from a trip and as much as I loved our hotel - the soaps not so much. And I'm not saying this just because I think ours are the best, but because the soaps that this particular hotel had were extremely dry to the skin and smelled horrible (like a really bad man's cologne). I understand that they probably wanted to keep the scent unisex but this was far from it and in fact I'm pretty sure that most guys would not like it either. So I decided to do my blog on cute guest soaps - I'm not sure if they smell nice but they sure look cute.
PS - Happy Chinese New Year!!!

Oh my lord! How many little soaps can you possibly have room for in your suitcase??

This is from a hotel in Disneyland - how can you not want to go if you can find Mickey even in your bathroom!

I love this cone shaped bottle.

I know it looks like creamers, but I did my research - it's actually liquid soap! I guess it must be good because someone already used up 3 of the containers!

I'm partial to putting up this company since I was born in Bulgaria ;)

Love the containers! I would totally keep them after I finished the soap - how brilliant is that marketing...

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