Saturday, January 17, 2009

Farewell San Diego

San Diego was an amazing place to visit! We (me and my sister) did so many things and went to so many places that I had to show you a few highlights.

We took the ferry to Coronado Island, although we never did get to Coronado Hotel (which was the reason why we went in the first place!)

We ate a lot of cotton candy - and I mean A LOT! That bag took us 3 days to finish.

We went wine tasting. This was Callaway Vinyards (in my opinion it had the best views of Temecula). We also loved Mount Palomar - you can't go wrong with getting their cream sherry!

We visited an artist's village in Balboa Park. All the cobblestones were painted a different color and the coolest part was seeing bunnies running around the property at night.

We went to a cactus garden and I attempted not to fall on any cacti. It was close.

We had to visit La Jolla and see their sea lions by the ocean. They were spectacular. One of them was apparently sick and it was sneezing all the time. I feel bad for saying this because I'm sure it wasn't feeling well, but it was the cutest thing I've ever seen.

Our hotel was right across from Horton Plaza so we went there often. There were so many stores, it was hard not to get lost.

We visited San Diego's convention center.

Venice Beach was beautiful - it had the most palm trees planted together out of any other place we saw.

The coolest thing I found was Pelicans, on the Santa Monica Pier (when we went to Los Angeles). The picture doesn't show it but they were huge! They looked just like those birds that you see in Jurrassic Park. Beautiful yet scary, the whole time I kept thinking that they'll eat my arm.

I had an amazing time, so hopefully we'll be back soon!

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