Saturday, January 31, 2009

Animal Fever

So I decided to do a little post on animal soaps today. I really want us to do a whole series of animals one day, so until then ...

I love cows - who doesn't? They look like oversized dalmatians and most of them don't jump on you when you come home.

Our friends at Bramble Berry did these cute little guys. I love how they make them in completely different colors instead of keeping them the same old black and white.

Bear soaps in pastel colors

Hippo Soaps in checkers - very cool!

Frog Soap and Dinosaur Soap - I love how shiny they look. I'm guessing they used a plastic mold.

Frog Glycerine Soap - this shape would be great for a bath bomb.

My favorite - Panda Soap! It takes a lot of time to do this one as you have to let the different layers dry before you do the other ones, but I think it's all worth it. Don't you??

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