Saturday, January 24, 2009

All together now!

So in my last post I had a picture of a French soap factory and I loved it so much that I decided to do another post just on how people make soap.

Wrapping the soap in cellophane bags. We do the same at Uptown Soap and I have to tell you it takes a long time to painstakingly wrap each soap, since we do it all by hand.

Cutting the soap with a knife.

Arranging the soap to be dried. Usually cold processed soaps have to dry for about 4 weeks before they are ready to be packaged. They are the ones that you see in the store without the cellophane bags because the glycerin is inside the soap.

Looks like this is another method of cutting the soap with a special rake.

Letting the soap dry.

Already cut soap ready to be packaged

With some soaps, you have to cut the edges so that they are perfectly round. We do that only for some of our Art Bars, since they have the paintings inside them.

Waiting for the soap to dry. I have never seen soap displayed this way, it is stunning. Maybe we should make walls of soap in our stores ;)

Love the lavender colored soap.

Again, this woman is separating the soaps so that they can dry. This is most likely a cold processed soap, because usually glycerin soaps are left to dry in their molds.

And one of the final products! These are glycerin soaps, since they are transparent. They are very moisturizing and take on color very well.

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