Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Bath Bombs Galore!

So, I've been doing a lot of research lately on bath bombs. Hopefully you'll see them on our website in less than a month. You guys know we have to make them extra unique, so I'm working on some interesting ones that you haven't seen anywhere. They're gonna be great! If you are dying to have a certain fragrance, let us know because we are working on those right now. We'll also try and make 'em all natural and get rid of any kind of unnecessary preservatives. After all, all of our products are made after you order.

Lush - I personally love the lush stores, however they do use perfumes for their bath bombs (and a lot of their other products) and that's not really the best way to go. They do smell good though.

I just found this on flickr. It is Amanda Bel's first bath bombs - pretty awesome for a first try! Maybe we should hire her :) These bath bombs look an awful lot like a christmas tree.

These guys are made by Morgan Street. I sure hope they smell as good as they look.

I had to blog about this - this is NOT a fish shop (although the title says halibut and herring). Believe it or not it's actually a store in England entirely filled with bath bombs. I wonder if they have herring scented bath bombs...

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