Monday, December 29, 2008


The VINTAGE bars have arrived. I'm just fixing some last minute photos but you'll see them all on the website tomorrow! I am super excited - I know I say this often but these are my new absolute favorites!! The packaging consists of black and white photos printed on recycled paper. The vintage collection includes 2 soap bars in each package. No dyes are used on these guys, so they'll be both white. Just as our other soaps, they're made from 100% vegetable oils.

They come in 12 fabulous fragrances:

1. French Vanilla
2. Orange
3. Cranberry Fig
4. Lemon Verbena
5. English Rose
6. Currant (hot seller!)
7. Chocolate
8. Mint
9. Coconut Cream
10. Honeydew Melon
11. Pear
12. Sugar

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