Friday, December 26, 2008

Ice Cream Soap - no... YES!!! We found it!

Wow, do we have a couple of amazing products that we're launching very VERY soon! I can't really discuss them because they are TOP SECRET but I can tell you that they're awesome. Meanwhile, enjoy some of my soap finds of today below:

Great soap window display. Maybe we should take a couple of pointers for when we open our own store.

This is the niftiest thing I've seen in a while - Ice Cream soap!!! We'll have to figure out how they made it scoopable but it's an amazing idea. This comes from a store in Tokyo (note to self: visit Japan NOW!)

Mini bath bombs in a pouch. As some of you may know, most bath bombs are made from citric acid however we just created our own little recipe without using acid at all. It'll be fabulous!

Lots of soaps in the window... and I love the 'cheese wedges' on the bottom :)

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