Saturday, November 29, 2008

Silvia's Simple Soap Saturdays!

Whoa, talk about a tongue twister! For those of you that are new to soapmaking, I will attempt to show you how to create different simple soaps each Saturday. For today's soap, I found it throught Etsy and the person that makes them is called Sunbasilgarden. I love her soaps and they must look very fun in the bathroom, so I wanted to teach you how to create one of them.
I won't mention the measurements because it depends on how many soaps you wish to make or what your molds look like.

1. Melt white glycerine base soap in microwave until it turns into a liquid. I usually buy mine from BrambleBerry, it costs a ton in shipping costs if you're located on the East Coast but they are very reliable and nice to deal with so I've always worked with them.
2. In 3 separate bowls or cups, pour an equal amount of the white base. In one of them add brown mica color and desired fragrance and mix thoroughly until combined well. In the second one add black mica and again desired fragrance. In the third bowl, simple pour the white melted soap.
3. Pour all mixtures in 3 silicone baking sheets or basic molds. Make sure you pour a thin layer (no more than .25 inches).
4. Let soap dry for a couple of hours until its hard.
5. Take out the brown soap out of the mold. Use a cookie cutter to cut out big circles for your cookies. Set aside.
6. Take out the black soap and cut three little circles, which will become the chocolate chips of the cookie.
7. Take out the white soap and use a knife to cut it into a glass shape. It doesn't matter if all of your glasses look different - that's the beauty of handmade soap!
8. Now comes the fun part! Prepare your soap molds (they should look rectangular). Melt clear glycerine base in the microwave until it looks completely melted. Pour a small layer of the clear soap into your mold. By working quickly, assemble the cookie and glass into the clear soap. You can place the chocolate chips on top of the cookie. Then pour the rest of the clear glycerine base on top and let cool until it has hardened. It's best to let it cool overnight.
I don't recommend placing it in the freezer or fridge, just wait it out. Make sure you don't move the soap and you let it stay in a cool place. It definitely shouldn't be in direct sunlight, especially if you live in warm places such as California or Florida :)
I hope you guys thought this was simple enough to try and make other soaps. Till next time!
Silvia from Uptown Soap

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