Friday, November 28, 2008

Original Fun Soaps for the Holidays

These are my latest finds from Flickr. Incredibly original and fun.

Mellow Stuff - I love these little star soaps. They are perfect for a guest bathroom. Soap bars can be messy but with these tiny stars you can use them once and the rest of the stars don't get wet. It's brilliant! They can be created very easily by pouring soap into a big sheet. Once the soap dries, use a cookie cutter in the shape of a star and cut out as many as you want. CAUTION: Beware that your guests might never want to leave your place if you put so much thought into everything else.

Lacey's Garden - These soaps just remind you of the ocean and the waves crashing into each other. The real starfish are a great touch in the photo and they will look amazing in the bathroom. I hope they smell as good as they look.

Deshawn Marie - I am not exactly sure how they made this soap look so good, because the white part looks like marshmallow fluff to me. I love the crystal green with the solid white.

Brooklynt Weed - I think these make for adorable stocking stuffers. They are just big enough for a single use soap and their bows make them look so festive. It's very easy to make them - you just pour the soap onto a sheet and wait for it to cool. Then you can use a kitchen knife to cut them into irregular shapes. Everyone will love 'em!

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